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Holiday Storage Solutions


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It’s the holiday season! During the winter, storage space is at a premium. Between storing decorations and hiding gifts, you can run out of space in your house pretty quickly, so being organized is a definite plus! Keeping yourself organized can even help you create more family time! Help eliminate clutter with more storage from Creative Space Shower Doors and More.

Store your decorations during the offseason!

Don’t toss your holiday decorations just anywhere. When you decorate, you want to know where everything is ahead of time. Creative Space can help out. Our storage systems are perfect for your closets and can fit in almost any space!

A perfect place to hide your gifts.

Nobody likes spoiled surprises. Use an organized closet to know exactly where your hidden presents are and still have room for the rest of the items in your closet.

Keep the house clean for guests.

When guests come over to your house, you want everything to be clean and uncluttered. Nobody wants the embarrassment of a messy house. Creative Space helps you create the perfect storage system for your house to keep everything within reach but out of sight.

After the holidays…

After all gift giving has concluded, don’t let your living spaces become a mess! Creative Space has just the thing to help you organize all of your new clothes and gifts and keep them in the right place. Make sure to get some hangers to hang all of your new clothes on!

If your closet is a mess and you need some organization, Creative Space Shower Doors and More offers a variety of choices in home storage systems and will work with you to design a perfect custom solution for your closet. Give us a call at 413-585-0569 or step into our showroom in Hadley to see more of our offerings!

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