Making the Most of Minimal Space

12/23/2015 |

Every home is different, and not every home offers a different amount of space available to store all of your property. Smaller spaces call for creative thinking and utilizing little changes in your home environment to get big results. Determine what parts of your home are not being utilized; this includes empty wall, ceiling and furniture space.

Wall Space: Walls in most homes are left empty or sparse with art and other decorations. If you have walls you aren’t using or could repurpose, consider adding coat hooks to create a new space for your outdoor clothes or gear. Another great addition to walls not being used is to add a freestanding wall unit. An addition such as this may offers more solutions to your storage and allows your organization to really kick-in.

Ceiling Space*: The ceiling is often the most underused space, mostly because homeowners generally don’t think of that space as anything but… empty space. Rethinking how that space is used in your kitchen by installing a ceiling mounted pot rack. This will reduce cabinet clutter and make cooking all the quicker. If you own a garage, consider hanging bikes from hooks to increase space, especially during the off season.

*Before you begin a project using your ceiling space more effectively, check with your landlord or the contractor who built your home to be sure that the ceiling is strong enough for support.

Furniture Space: Your furniture can be good for more than just sitting and sleeping. If you have kids and are pressed for space, consider building bunk beds to make the most of that room. Beds also have a lot of unused space underneath. Storing items that you don’t use often under your bed, or utilize that space for shoe storage. Having a bench near the entrance of your home creates sitting space and a room for storage underneath. 

Sometimes visualizing a storage opportunity is more difficult than you think. Stop by or call Creative Space to get a second opinion on how you can be putting your home to work. For all of your home renovation needs, call Creative Space and Shower Doors & More at 413-585-0569 or stop by our gallery at 226-R Russell Street Hadley, MA 01035.

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