How to Make Your Bedroom Your Own

6/30/2016 |

Your bedroom is your home within your home and is a space to express yourself. But if your room isn’t reflecting who you are, it might be time for a bedroom makeover.

Dream Up Your Space

Before you get started, take a look around your room and picture how you want it to look. Ask yourself what you don’t like about the room and what can be done to change those things. Is the room too dark or too bright? Is it cluttered, or does it seem too empty? Maybe it’s lacking in personal touches, or you just don’t like the color scheme. Ask yourself what kind of room you really want and if it’s realistic and doable.

Now Put Your Feet Back on the Ground

After you’ve let your imagination run wild, it’s time to tackle this project from a practical standpoint. Take some measurements to see what you can and can’t fit in the room. Calculate a budget you can stick to. A contractor or a professional designer can help for big projects. Sketch out your ideas and pick up some color swatches and matching linen if you’re thinking of redoing the color scheme.

Time to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Now it’s time to get to work. Maybe you need more light and want to add another window or replace the ones you have with larger ones. If you think your room is too bright, or you just want to redesign them, come look at our selection of window treatments and window fashions.

If storage is your problem to tackle, try replacing your furniture with benches or higher beds for storage underneath, buying a bigger dresser or bureau, or even rearranging your closet to make use of all the space. There are lots of creative ways to add storage space to your room, and we can help with that too. If your room is too cluttered, it’s time to clean it out. Get rid of the small stuff and the furniture you don’t need or use anymore.

If the room feels too big and empty, add some personal touches to make it seem cozier. This can be as simple as hanging up photos or paintings on the walls, or as creative as adding your own DIY or craft projects to the room. Decorating it the way you like, with curtains, lights, decals, mirrors, and art can be enough to make your room feel like home.

Admire Your Work

When you feel like you’ve finished renovating your bedroom, take a look around. Did you accomplish as many of your dreams and ideas as possible? Does it feel more like YOUR room? Is there anything you thought would work but doesn’t? Now is the time to fix anything. If your room looks good, enjoy it and admire your work!

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