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12/11/2015 |

Preparing to sell a home is never easy, between dealing with a realtor and keeping your home presentable, the process can seem daunting. Before you consider putting your home on the market be sure to high-light the positive and take note of the negative aspects of your home. Most importantly, take into account your home’s storage space, window lighting, and bathrooms. Updating one or all three areas can make a monumental difference in how long your house is on the market.

Claustrophobia is the fear of small spaces and that’s what you want to avoid when selling your home. Buyers looking to purchase a new home always want to make sure there’s enough space for their clothes, extra furniture or other valuables. If you’re home doesn’t have a lot of large storage spaces invest in a large closet, pantry or storage system. It’s important to show homebuyers storage options and let them fill in the rest of the space with their imagination.

Natural light is the best light! But if your windows are outdated, they could be allowing moisture or harmful ultra violet rays into your home and damaging paintings, furniture or clothing. Old windowpanes may not have protective qualities against UV rays. Updating the glass or adding locks to reduce airflow in and out is a small addition with a huge return. Window renovations can make a home brighter and make opening and closing the windows both easy and safe.

The bathroom is where everyone goes to relax and freshen up after a long day and as your day has just begun. Having a bathroom with updated amenities can calm you down and reduce stress and anxiety. Homebuyers will go to the bathrooms immediately when looking over a potential home and an old bathroom can make or break their decision. Renovating your bathroom is an effective way to increase your home’s value and decrease your anxiety.

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