Choose The Dark Side


A restful night’s sleep is essential for waking up feeling refreshed and less tired than when you went to bed. With sleep, it is a matter of quality over quantity, which is why you should make your hours count. There are a variety of ways to improve your quality of sleep, including, choosing the dark side.

Turn Out the Lights

Sleeping in a dark room is vital to a successful night’s sleep. Our bodies need the darkness to fulfill the functions they carry out during a sleep cycle. Sunlight guides the wake and sleep cycle. It alerts our bodies to rise and get moving for a new day. Melatonin levels also are affected by whether or not sunlight is present. The lack of sunlight causes melatonin levels to increase in preparation for sleep. In the morning, the presence of sunlight decreases melatonin levels and preps us for the day ahead.

Better Your Sleep

Creating a space that promotes sleep will set you up for a restful night. By having a window fixture, you control the sunlight and when your body receives sunlight to wake up. Artificial lights in the bedroom can interfere with your natural sleep cycle. Removing any artificial lights from clocks, TVs, computers or cell phones is another great way to improve your sleep.

Make a Change

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 35% of Americans do not use any shades or curtains on their windows. If you are looking for new window coverage, there are plenty of options. At Creative Space Shower Doors & More, we have black out shades, which are a nice option if you are trying to decrease the amount of light entering your bedroom. If those are not quite your taste, another great option for blocking out the light are thick lined draperies. Check out some of the Hunter Douglas® window products we have available to help set up your space! Creative Space Shower Doors & More has a large selection of Hunter Douglas window fashions available, from shades to valances. Call us today for a free window treatment consultation at 413-585-0569.

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